Moveable Type’s Motion & Pownce: Do side projects lead to acquisitions?

Six Apart announced Motion, a new tool for MT Pro that the company says supports Pownce-like microblogging, friendfeed style activityustreams and open id sign in for commentators. Engineer/product guy David Recordon says this is an open web app and a way to maintain real community.(And of course the whole presentation of the new product is elegant and clear; Anil is both through and eloquent.)

But here’s my question: Were the Pownce team moonlighting on this app before their acquisition? And was their acquisition a means to accelerate delivery?  It’s a well-known but little discussed way of life in the Bay area for talented founders to moonlight when they get short of cash and can’t go back to the Board for more; was this was Leah Culver  and Mike Malone were up to keep Pownce, uh, going?

Side note: Whomever is making Leah keep a blog should stop, this vox thing is frighteningly inane. Kittens & turtles? Scary. On the other hand, Mike’s blog hasn’t been updated for two weeks (Guess: which is more authentic?)