Mr. Tweet and Winston the Dog

Okay, so was it evil to ask Mr.Tweet to recommend twitters for @winstonthedog to follow?

I mean, it makes me sad that my own usage of Mr. Tweet seemed to be a one-time thing.

Given that Mr, Tweet hasn’t added features yet that check in with me at future times and recommend more people to follow (and that is my #1 feature request), I decided to reviist Mr. Tweet on my American Bulldog’s behalf.

So, here’s what Mr,. Tweet said about Mr. Winston’s recommendations:
winstonthebulldog should follow his followers steve gillmor, leolaporte, george kelly,
Dobromir Hadzhiev, johanthedog, susan bratton, nick starr and stellaunathecat.

(Susan sez: This is an august and witty group, but there’s only one dog, what’s with that, Mr Tweet?)

And as for the influencers Winstonthedog should follow, according to Mr, Tweet, the top folks on the list are @kevinmarks, @laughingsquid, @elisac, @jerrymichalski, @jdlasica and @micah

No dogs in that  pack, Mr, Tweet, tho some of these fellas do bark.

Susan sez: Hey, since you’re a machine, can’t you classify the social graph to include refers to twittering dogs? Come on, now.