Ning adult communities–where could they go?

As Michael Arrington recently posted, Ning’s ousting of adult communities from their platform protects Ning’s Google Ad Words business, but leaves these alt. networks out in the cold.

Interesting question: So, where will they go?

I’m tempted to say, which seems to be reinvigorating itself somewhat–but with a greater interest in monetization. Tribe has always been Burner heaven, so welcoming in some edgier adult groups might not be that great a stretch.  However, Tribe’s new-found emphasis on monetization is all tied to google adwords (see the results of this front page query for an example of that), so there’s a pretty short plank there.

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  1. Patti says:

    Tribe has always had alternative adult groups in significant quantity– much of the San Francisco leather community used to be active there, for example. I’ve never really thought of it as a burner haven, because those mostly aren’t the people I see and interact with daily on Tribe.
    Unfortunately, Tribe ran most of them off, and Fetlife seems to be picking up the slack. The software is abysmal, but there’s no question of welcome.

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