One last post about the Yahoo! layoffs, social media version

So the latest round of big Yahoo! layoffs is done, and the people picking up the pieces at Big Purple can draw their wagons closer together and hunker down in the bunker and all that good stuff–at least until they take two weeks off over the holidays.

Before we all move on, however, it’s worth noting the amazing transparency around this layoff–the flickr photos, the tweets, the friend feed posts.

I’m hoping some of the ex-Yahoos! document their next moves with equal transparency–Yahoo! let go some amazing people, including George Oates, the first flickr designer and the Brickhouse crew, including the wonderful Jeannie Yang, and a whole host of talented coders and engineers.

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  1. Scott Barnham says:

    It’s sad to see Yahoo! laying off so many talented people, though it is a good opportunity for other companies to pick up some great new hires.
    That’s the idea behind Layoff Talent – to help people laid off in the tech industry find new opportunities.
    Ben Ward from Brickhouse is on there and we hope some other talented folks from Yahoo! will add themselves as well.

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