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me to help them get on track. Just one example: Whoopi Goldberg is the
only women of color on the masthead, and she hasn’t bothered to fill in
her profile. Of course, that gets “read” as them saying, at the last minute, “Oh, we’d better get Whoopi, cause we’ll drop a big piece of the audience if we’re all white.”
(Well, guess what, ladies?  The whole dern rest of the country is
actually serious about pluralism!  [Ms. Tomlin’s support of Richard
Prior earns her a lifetime street cred on this issue.]) 

And of course, they’ve already dropped the Asian demo — and trust
me, that’s where their lack of inclusion will hurt them, cause my
Asian-American friends drop more cash at Tiffany’s and on designer
bling bling than anyone else I know.  As to today’s blunder of talking
about how they “confuse” their “hired help” with “friends,” oh, well, where do you even start with that? Hire me. I’m worth my weight in gold.”

Wowowow community member  Mugsy Peabody, talking with Marketing Diva Toby Bloomburg about the community on the site, which seems to have an active role despite NO interaction with the founders.

Susan sez: I love the world we are in, where community members know their power. Go, Mugsy!

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  1. Mugsy Peabody says:

    Thanks, Susan, for the shout-out. My favorite thing about wOw is that they got my own blog off the back burner, finally. http://www.mugsypeabody.blogspot.com. Keep on keeping on!

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