Quote of the Day

“I want to use power tools and cook scones, and date women, and date men,
and date everyone in between. I want to be a woman who wears suits and
a boy who wears skirts. I want to start a PR business, and live on a
sailboat, and bike across the country, and be a fashion designer, and
run conferences the right way ’round. I want to be a country singer,
and a travel writer, and a sex god. I want to make the world better,
and I want to make the world work. I want high, rounded breasts like
doves hung from my collarbones, and I want a girl with long hair to go
exploring over. I want shoulders and arms like a man – like my first
kinky boyfriend’s shoulders, triangular and etched in the hard flesh of
military life – and I want a man to fuck who has those shoulders, and
also long hair, and also the thick softness of a good life tucked into
the curve of his swelling hips, ass in the air. I want people who love
to cry for me, and with me. I want everything. I want to know who I am. “

-writer, blogger, 26 year old activist Eileen, writing about her goals/identity/life at her blog, a place to draw blood laughing,