Quote of the Day

“”The only person I can rely on not to screw me–hopefully–is myself.”

ThisNext.com founder (and former Weblogs Inc.biz dev guy) Gordon Gould, quoted in a Business Week article on user generated content and the impulse to contribute without monetary gain, a behavior that has served his site, digg, Yelp and countless other platforms/communities extremely well, generating tons of page views with no fees for content production.

Susan sez: What Gordon was actually referencing was the push toward self-sufficiency and the interest in publishing platforms participation in his site demonstrates–and the business imperative to keep the ranks stocked as any particular individual’s interest rises–and falls.

(Bonus quote from author Steven Baker: “The trick in the volunteer economy is less to keep a superstar from
quitting than to make sure that plenty of eager volunteers are ready to
work to take her place.”