socialmedian acquired for $7.5 MM, Jason Goldberg heading to Germany

It seems like only a year ago that jason goldberg moved to New York and engaged a team of Indian developers to build out socialmedian, a community-focused aggregrator & reader. I remember being both impressed and thrilled by Jason’s entreprenurial  drive, focus on getting the product right, and seeking lots of user feedback at every stage. His move from CEO of Jobster to this new thing–and the focus with which he made it happen–was also impressive.

And now, the exit. Jason says that, socialmedian’s been acquired by German company XING--with Goldberg going to Germany to head a new product division of their business (I’d hire him too–he’s totally proven he can execute!). Jason says  In this new role, in addition to
strengthening and enhancing the socialmedian service, I will also be
responsible for managing global partnerships for application developers
and content providers to connect with the XING network”

Congrats, Jason, you are inspiring.