twitority: how to follow the pack–and why I care about the edge cases

Loic said we needed search by authority and now we have it in the new twitority. Search on topic and sort the results by number of subscribers.

The wisdom of the crowds is always right? Marketers rule, correct?

I know I am a certified troublemaker because I have NO INTEREST in checking tweets again followers and popularity. For mass market concensus, I have google, yahoo! buzz and the top tech bloggers, who circle one another relentlessly with  minute variations on the same ideas (for the most part).

Folks, I want to find the edge cases. I want to read the fringe dwellers, the outliers, the folks who think different, not the same. I want the Ezra Kleins before they go big, the Corvida’s before chasing fame hit. I want the bloggers who influence the influencers and the people who make the look at things afresh.

I am glad Loic got what he wants so fast, and I am sure I will visit twitority again, but I want something different–and a helluva lot more interesting.

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    I agree. I think we need a smart duplicate eliminator. The echoes in the echo chamber, sometimes are deafening.

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