Twitterlicious: Users, Data, Reports. Neat

Oh, twitter, I love thee, how do I count the ways? In a burst of year end enthusiasm, programmers and analysts alike have done a push on state of the twittersphere data.
HubSpots’s got a Technorati-inspired State of the Twittersphere PDF, and flip kromers got  interesting data extraction/spreadsheet/database material.

Some stats from Hubspot:

  • Twitter is dominated by newer users – 70% of Twitter users joined in 2008
  • An estimated 5-10 thousand new accounts are opened per day
  • 35% of Twitter users have 10 or fewer followers
  • 9% of Twitter users follow no one at all

Data from a  scrape of the twitter friend graph by Phil’flip’ Kromer

  • about 2.7M users
  • 10M tweets
  • 58M edges
  • 219,000 #hashtags
  • full metadata on users and relationships
  • calculated pagerank for users