Quote of the Day, 2

“I am out, but not unified. I’ve decided I’d like to feel unified,
for once. I’d like to have a space on the web that can contain all of
myself. Right now I have two sites and neither of them do what I what
them to do. Both are limited, this site by its very narrow scope and my
professional & personal site by its attempt to be clean. I would
like a site that can be a little naughty, be professional, host my
writing and my job hunt alongside my queer politics and community work.
I don’t work well when I’m not fully integrated.

I’ve decided that I’d like to speak as myself, and that I can no
longer accept the fragile, imagined protection of using other names and
putting on a great pretending show. I am not a conjurer in that way. I
am forthright, and know no other way to be.

My name is Sara.”

–Sara Eileen, closing down her old blog, and starting anew.

Susan says: Sara is am amazing writer, a wonderful person and her post captures so much about transparency and identity, I want to write a long piece spurred by this,

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  1. Lisa Williams says:

    Wow. I really identify with this. I’m in the process of making my “personal” blog represent more of my “professional” identity. Because they’re really not separate.

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