Twestival: Feb 12, 2009-Showing the power of social media as a self-organizing tool–and doing good, too!

Twestival: Feb 12, 2009
The ability of people on the inter-webs to organize themselves and spread the word–about causes, brands, news, issues, people–just keeps evolving. This self-organizing process is one of the reasons I am so excited a bout Twestival, a fund-raising effort that supports charity: water,  a series of projects to support clean drinking water for people–especially students–in developing countries.

Taking best practices from BarCamp, local Net2Tuesday and local Tweetups, as well as inspiration from some of the effective fundraising done by Beth Kanter and Laura Fitton (@pistachio) on twitter, Twestival will tap the energy of volunteers and twitter users in 100 cities to create decentralized events, all on the same day (Feb 12th) that will align real world meetups with online donating via TipJoy. simultaneous event streaming around the world (!!), and what will be a huge awareness-building post-event ripple of inevitable documentation on flickr, youtube and blogs

Bonus link: Beth Kanter, “Twitter As Charitable Giving Spreader: A Brief History and Meta Analysis of Fundraising With Twitter.