Yet more 25 things, from friends, this time

Yeah, this meme is exploding. And it’s fun. So for your friday pleasure some 25 things you will definitely want to read:

  • popvulture(jess barron):”I was a total tomboy as a child and I hated baby dolls and dolls of any
    kind. If relatives gave a doll to me for Christmas or a birthday gift,
    I would throw a hissyfit. Instead, I loved stuffed animals (mostly dogs
    and unicorns) and I had a huge collection and they all had names. Up
    until 4th grade, I would sleep at night with all 45 stuffed animals in
    my bed with me, and I wouldn’t go to sleep until I had said goodnight
    to all 45 by name.”
  • amy sample ward: “When I go to bed at night I think about what I did during the day that
    was important. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep because I don’t think
    there was anything that qualified.”
  • joanne brant: “A sweet childhood memory – 10 newborn Irish Setter pups sleeping on me.”
  • curvaceous dee: “Americanised spelling drives me nuts. I have no problem with Americans
    using it, but I get irritated by systems which ascribe it by default.
    There’s nothing wrong with British spelling :)”