BlogHer adds social network, usability yet not a strong factor

In a logical step forward to grow both their awesome community and their much-needed page views, BlogHer has added a Facebook like set of life-streaming tools to their site. Users can now friend one another, add and follow status updates, see a newsfeed/stream of friend updates, and make and read threaded comments on the posts.

This is a nice feature that every conference and social networksite now seems compelled to have, so I was happy BlogHer added it, and the soft launch is exciting.

Going forward, these would be some nice tweaks to make:

  • Add a user guide: directions are good.
  • Vary the ways to add people as friends. Right now, you have to go to a blogger’s profile and click to follow them.  I’d like to see some sort of friend list or abbreviated way to find people to add that doesn’t involve having to slowly page through every single person. Why not see a list of contributing editors, or bloggers in a category and choose who to follow?
  • I like it that the updates are exportable into other destinations, like my newsreader, via an RSS feed, nice feature

Congrats on your start.May your community and page views prosper.

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  1. Lisa Stone says:

    Susan, thank you so much for this constructive feedback. We’re excited to have My BlogHer launched in its beta form. actually does have a user guide, written by the amazing Denise Tanton. It’s linked in our universal navigation and is called “Using This Site“. That said, if you missed it, an additional and prominent link may be called for! :)

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