BlogHer picks a video platform:, $$ to follow

In a sure sign that BlogHer is getting serious about increasing both its page views and its ad revenue,, a provider of video publishing and integration tools, today announced that the service will be using them to power a new video channel tied to their news hub (whatever that is going to be.)

As you can see from the BlogHer/Magnify video aggregation page that surely had to be used to help close the deal, Magnify’s strength is in presenting and packaging whatever videos the publisher specifies–and in helping to create an environment to run ads, lots of ads, through the content.

This relationship also allows BlogHer to have users upload their videos to the site, creating new opportunities to grow community, do contesting, and promote channels–all of which drive revenue and page views.

Susan sez: I consider all these people to be friends and I write for BlogHer, but I think this is interesting because it helps BlogHer grow its traffic and monetization. Interesting to see how this rolls out, (Congrats, Steve!)