Living in Public, some rules

Riffing off Jason Calcanis’ excellent post on Josh Harris and net transparency/public lives, Fred Wilson has a post on his own ways of managing visibility. Fred shares some rules worth thinking about if you are on the net (and aren’t we all)?
1) Keep your family out of it until they want to be in it
2) Be nice.
3) Demand that others are nice back.
4) Encourage the community to police the comments. Early on Jackson was my “bouncer” and now Kid Mercury has assumed that role.
5) Take the nasty comments lightly and use humor to defuse them.
6) Do not delete comments unless they are hateful to others, porn, or spam.
7) Ignore the trolls even though it kills you
Be careful with photos. They greatest lesson I got was when I posted a
photo of me on vacation looking smug. Bad move that I learned a lot
9) Give more than you take.
10) Enjoy yourself. Talking, discussing, and debating is fun. Keep it that way.

Fred, thank you for such great advice.