More fun with TwitterCounter, ie Top 100 ups and downs

So, we all know Twitter is booming, tons of people joining every day. So we all get a little hockey stick lift on the people who follow us, right? 

And then there are all the celebs and politics coming on–@sarah_ross has gotten half of hollywood to join, notably her bosses ashton kutcher and demi moore, and then there’s Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey and Maria Shriver and…you know.

What caught my attention here, though, was as the Twitter traffic trends up, TwitterCounter shows users dropping off from the top 50 most trafficked accounts–and going elsewhere? 

Look at the down data below–and then see who is adding people– and then note the rapid rise of neilhimself-– Neil Gaiman, Richard Branson, The WhiteHouse, sitepointdotcom.

big numbers.gif

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  1. Joe Lazarus says:

    Twitter has been deleting a lot of spam accounts. That probably explains the decrease in followers for the top 50 people.

  2. Elkit says:

    I would expect a certain percentage of drop-off to be normal. I mean, it costs nothing to follow someone and “try it out”. If you like what they tweet, you keep following. If it doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, you unfollow again. I know I do it all the time.

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