#WeMedia: What is the balance sheet of the new now? (Liveblogging)

Dale Peskin of WeMedia laying out the story of where we’re headed in this new world where reinvention is the thing we have to do.

Dale’s saying that we have the power to re-view the balance sheet of our efforts–and that invention, innovation, social capital have to align with the way we do business and the return we produce for ourselves and our investors.

More on transformation: take a lesson from the early century’s steel towns and all the civic richness, industry and wealth they had…all gone today. Youngstown, OH..not in its former glory…Dale says that these industries have moved on and the communities have been destroyed…

20th century capitalism must be smart and think about sustainability, suggests Dale

(Susan sez, this *human* capitalism seems like such a backlash against our current circumstances; if the economy improved, would people start buying gas guzzlers again?

The agenda for smart capitalism, sez Dale, is

  • outcomes, not incomes
  • connections not transactions
  • people not products
  • creativity, not productivity

So it’s we, us, here and now….(Susan sez: I am feeling like such a crab; I agree with every single thing Dale is saying, BUT I hate Kumbaya lectures and don’t like being held captive for one–and yet I agree that we’ve moving into a community-driven, tribal, and networked world–very different than the US as a land of individuals we were 30 years ago.