Who would you nominate for the San Francisco Community Foundation Awards?

The San Francisco Foundation has put out a call for nominations for the Community Leadership Awards.  Nominations are due March 2nd and are for an individual or an organization whose leadership has made a significant impact in their
particular Bay Area communities. This work may confront societal or civic
issues, address health or environmental concerns, or promote arts and humanities. Individual winners are awarded $10,000 and organizations $20,000.

The application requires a written statement, lots of contact info and four references for the nominee. In filling out the application, it is neccessary to describe the problems addressed, the solutions, and where this work happened. Finally, you have to share what characteristics make this nominee an outstanding leader.

If you were going to nominate someone from the tech/web 2.0 community
for what they have done to help and serve others locally, who would you

Bay area people I would consider nominating include:

Who else would you put on a short list?

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  1. factoryjoe.com says:

    Thanks Susan! It’s a great honor just for you to mention me! ;)

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