Blog ads bought me these earrings–but not much else

So, I started running Six Apart Adify ads on this blog when they announced the Journalist Bailout Program. I didn’t need the software, but I signed up for the ads.  This blog has about 600 visitors a day to the site, plus newsreader traffic, and a fairly decent Alexa rank, so I wanted to see what the Adify ads would get me.

Well, after three months, I was able to buy these earrings and have some other money left over.  Kind of the same rate of return as selling jam, maybe a whole lot less.

 It gives new meaning to the idea journalism jobs are gone, because most of these poor schmoes won’t make enough money to buy socks, let along groceries or mortgage/rent.

But the earrings are gorgeous, aren’t they?
blog ads bought me there.jpg

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  1. Tracy from WSB says:

    Depends on what they do.
    Ads like those, or maybe Google AdSense (which we have never done – so much of it is ugly LOSE WEIGHT NOW!!!! clutter), may not be able to pay somebody’s bills. But if you serve a niche that brings in thousands daily and you sell targeted advertising – like in our case, local display advertising, but doesn’t have to be geographic if you are serving a content niche that works well with a certain category of ad – you CAN make a living – we are, and we are no whizkids.

  2. Susan Mernit says:

    Tracy, that is great to hear. I agree that there are specific types of blogs that can get great advertising and do well–so that is heartening to hear. How do you manage your ads? Do you sell them locally and work with an ad network for campaigns?

  3. daindart says:

    welll the earrings are really gorgeous!!

  4. Earrings says:

    Thanks for your post. The earrings are really beautiful…

  5. Linda says:

    Those earrings are so pretty. Where did you get them??

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