Good things that happened today

  • A cool project I proposed is a finalist for funding
  • Invite to do further training on social media and personal branding right here in OAK
  • Invite to do training at late April conference focused on women of color communities
  • Invite to teach a day in a most excellent bootcamp series
  • Some great people came on board to work on Public Media Collaborative event in May, and later one in July
  • Revised strategy brief for client
  • Started and got first third done of product requirements document for client
  • Walked 3 miles
  • Beautiful, sunny day, arugula almost ready to eat
  • Post root-canal, can chew, not in pain

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  1. Lisa Williams says:

    Is it silly that the one that caught my eye is the fact that your teeth don’t hurt? I am glad of all of it, though.

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