Love & Devices: New post up at Blogher

My new Blogher essay on Love & Devices–tech, relationships & more tech–this is one of the funniest posts in a while. An excerpt:
“Truth is, I don’t see the tweets, the texts and the email scanning I
engage in almost as frequently as breathing as a rejection of my
sweetie and my pals, I see them as my chance to take hits of an
Interwebs oxygen that keeps my blood gases stable, a virtual
relationship CRM that–much to my shock–can make my real life
significant other and my pals feel a little slighted. (“Uh, sorry,” I
mumble, as I slip it back into my pocket.)

And then, there is my computer. It’s not that my MacBook Pro–now
covered with stickers and a little banged up from 12 months of
travel–is any different than anyone else’s–it’s that this little
machine is the gateway to my LIFE. Email, blogs, twitter, facebook,
writing, poetry, photos, music–they’re all crammed inside this machine,
my very own looking glass and two-way mirror to Wonderland.”

The rest is here.