Resolutions, right now

This is the month am going to get back into some healthy habits that lapsed almost a year ago, when I went off to Israel and then to TechStars. Yeah, it has been just about that long since I did the regular sessions of walking, yoga, gym that made such a positive difference in my life.

Time to get back on the horse.

Starting this month, it’s daily exercise, with 3 mile walks(did one this am), sessions in the gym (did one last night) and bouts of yoga, dance, pilates and cycling (all yet to happen).

My eating habits are reasonably good, already, and that garden I’m building takes some labor, but I need to make consistent exercise a steady part of my life. Starting now.

(And if you think I am sharing this with the interwebs as a motivation to make good on this, you are damn skippy right.)