Resources: Web 2.0 Social Media Products, a guide on what to use

Which are the tools used by social media strategists, and how do they fit together?

This section of a longer white paper on social media and social good  offers a look at the basic tools, URLS and descriptions for each, and a review of which tools each project used.
It is part of a longer paper, with three case studies, available for free download.
309Social media for social causes white paper.pdf

Here’s the products you want to know about right now:
: & Blogging platforms

  • Blogging platforms are the starting point for any social media strategy and two of the most popular are and  Both are easy to use and reliable. What’s the difference between the two?
  •  With, you create a blog that is hosted at WordPress and has a URL such as You can use skins to create distinct look and layouts, and you can customize the blog, but it is hosted at their service.
  • Using, you download the software, establish your blog, and pick a service to host it on.
  •, typepad,com: Blogging platforms
  • Moveable type & are blogging platforms from Six Apart. Moveable Type, know as MT, is a downloadable application to create a blogging platform hosted at a third-party provider or on your owner servers.
  •  Typepad is a $129 per year hosted, turnkey service running on Six Apart servers.

Twitter, micro-blogging platform:

  • Twitter is a popular micro blogging platform that allows users to distribute their 140 character updates to their Twitter social network, aka followers, across multiple platforms (computer, PDA, phone).

Photo & Video resources

  • Flickr: Flickr is the leading photo & video community and repository, with more than 1 billion photos stored. Owned by Yahoo!, Flickr offers pro accounts for easier uploading, but basic services are free.
  • YouTube, YouTube is the largest video hosting site on the net. Users can both upload and view videos here. Videos can be viewed at YouTube or embedded elsewhere.
  • Seesmic: Seesmic offers online video blogging, done through your computer’s web cam. Videos can be viewed at, or embedded elsewhere.
  • 12seconds: This site offers online video micro blogging, done through a web cam. Videos can be played here or embedded elsewhere.
  • Vimeo is  a video-centric social network site that allows you to post and display videos, much like YouTube, only smaller and with more community.
  • Viddler is another video hosting service, with plug-in tools that make it efficient to display video at WordPress and other blogging sites.

Social networks

  • Facebook is one of the largest and most mainstream social network sites, With 90 million active users, the site is a daily visit for many people. The integrated tool set, which includes a groups function, an invite feature,  fan pages that support messaging.
  • LinkedIn is the largest online professional social network. Focused on careers and professional networking, Linked In has a groups feature that is useful for social networking, event promotion, and messaging.
  •  Ning:, Ning offers a set of web-based tools that allow anyone to create a social network on a hosted platform. The templated, modular elements can be customized and modified by non-technical people; over 71,000 networks have been created to date.

Utility applications

  • Upcoming: This Yahoo-owned service allows you to post & share events via online calendar; the social network aspects aids in event discovery.
  • Eventbrite: A popular service for selling tickets online and keeping the funds in a centralized place.
  • Amiando: A popular service for selling tickets online and keeping the funds in a centralized place.
  • PayPal: An eBay-owned service that acts as a middleman for online payments, eliminating the need for the consumer to use a credit card in an online transaction.
  • Slideshare:, Post, display and distribute PowerPoint presentations.
  • Constant Contact: Low-cost way to create and manage email campaigns.
  • Democracy in Action: Non-profit that provides infrastructure and tools for non-profits and political groups, including email management.
  • TipJoy: Service supporting making donations via PayPal through a Twitter interface.

For more on using these apps, check out the white paper.
309Social media for social causes white paper.pdf

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  1. Meitar Moscovitz says:

    Great list!
    It would also be great if, in addition to Twitter, you listed as another micro-blogging/micro-messaging platform. is, in my opinion, far superior to Twitter both technically and on principle. :)
    I use it quite extensively so I’m happy to show you ’round.

  2. bernardg66 says:

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