White paper: Social Media for Social Cases

Net-enabled social tools have enabled new models for grassroots activism and community building, and they have changed how we function in society — how we communicate globally and locally, how we form ties and how we organize and connect.

What’s tricky about deploying social media today is not access to the technology, but the knowledge of how to deploy it across multiple platforms.

This 309Social media for social causes white paper.pdf is meant to take some of the fear and confusion out of the question of whether to use these tools or not. An accompanying resource guide and detailed case studies provide a tool kit for using social media to promote, brand and organize around an idea, movement, program or campaign.

There’s a brief of the paper here, from the WeMedia conference

The full white paper, 28 pages long! is here
309Social media for social causes white paper.pdf

Here’s what’s in it:
•    Introduction
•    What do we mean by social media?
•    Lifestreaming
•    Money and mobilization
•    How to use social media tools
•    The Case Studies
•    Knight News Challenge
•    Women Who Tech Telesummit, 2008
•    Q&A with Allyson Kapin, Women Who Tech
    Twestival, 2009
•    Q&A with Amanda Rose, Twestival
•    COMMENTARY by Lisa Wiliams : What makes a social media campaign stand out?
•    Resources: Web 2.0 Products and what they are
•    CHART; The social media ecosystem, or the virtuous circle of multiple tools
•    What do I get started with?
•    Sources & Citations
•    About the author

I will be posting the sections of the paper individually as well. Hope you find them useful.