Would you poken? (This is a contact list in the cloud)

So Poken is a little USB device, very cute, that carries a pre-specified set of your FOAF and social network data–your Vcard, your RFID data, pick what ever metaphor you like.  And when you meet someone whom you want to share data with, you insert your token and their data is sent to your Poken database (this is a contact list in the cloud, basically).

What’s cool about this is that it would automatically not only store their data, but link you in mutual places you specify, like facebook and linked in. And since it has a discrete mode, you can also fake people out if you don’t want to share info but don’t want to refuse, either.  This makes the whole card management, data entry thing easier.

On the other hand, I already use FB and LI as big rolodexes.  I like to collect people there so I can find them; do I want and need yet another database–this one in the cloud, kinda, where I have to store more data?

I think not
The gadgets are SO cute, and the idea is coopoken.jpgl, but I want to put data in fewer places, not more places.

Susan sez: If I am missing something here, or you see it differently, school me, please.

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  1. Bryan Guido Hassin says:

    Poken isn’t meant to replace your FB or LI. Rather, it extends your FB and LI into the real world, to make it easier for you to “collect people there so you can find them.” :-) We think it’s a better solution than writing down info, cyber stalking online, entering info into a phone, exchanging business cards, etc. Cheers, and thanks for giving Poken a try!

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