Adventures in Project Development: Momenteum and working the muscles

I’m working with a team of technologists, analysts, designers, marketing folks, UI people, project management folk, web producers, and business folk on a big project for a cool organization. I’m the project lead, and my role veers between overseeing the UX, acting as the marketing org representative, and being the product lead.

We’re on these very compressed deadlines, and we’re pulling in lots of data, competitive benchmarking and analysis to help build our plans.  Later, we’ll do rapid prototyping and iterative design, and we’ll score and change our work based on what we learn.  And then we’ll do A/B testing, and then we’ll ship and then we’ll do it all over again, for other aspects of the project.

What’s interesting to me is that I absolutely love working with the team on planning the strategy, parsing the data, doing the wireframes and writing the specs. There is something about large scale product development that is more satisfying that producing a dinner party for 20, ordering furniture from Ikea and assembling it, and planning a trip to South America with multiple city stops, even if you’re doing all three of those things exactly at once. In other words, the adrenalin-junkie momentum of the work is hard to beat.

I love social media, I love training and I love product and business strategy, four things I do alot of in my professional life, but there is nothing that has the particular thrill of flexing the product development muscles in specing a new site.

There’s a finely balanced harmony to it that is a combination of precision surgery (cause you always cut), and taking a car on a race track and going flat out.