Teaching Social Media for Social Action: Free sessions in SF May 1st

So, I’ve spent alot of the last two months doing workshops that teach non-profit staffers, in transition journalists and media activists how to use social media. 

Building your brand with social media, getting started with twitter, planning a social media strategy for a program and project, measuring success–I’ve been teaching them all.

And you know what I learned? People need this.  People need high-quality, affordable training where they feel safe asking what they are afraid are stupid questions. They need knowledgeable people to talk with who can translate the jargon and explain outcomes to shoot for.

And you know what else I learned? For all the way we techies talk about Web 2.0, and all the blogs, and the tweets and the books and so on–many, many people have NO WAY to learn these things, no access to knowledgeable people they feel comfortable asking.

I’ve seen this with EngageHer, WAM, my Maynard trainings and so on.  And it’s a big reason I am so thrilled that folks from the Public Media Collaborative are spending this Friday, May 1st. volunteering to do workshops in social media at Journalism Innovations II: New Work & Ideas for Making the News.

Folks from the PMC–along with our compadres from Nuestra Voz–are going to teach free sessions in social media–signups are here–walk ins welcomed IF there is room.

Only here’s the deal–we already have 100 people registered for the social media workshops!!
(Like, is that wow or what).  We’re going to talk 25 more–and then hopefully have some room for walk ins.