News never dies–but the honchos turn over

If I’d had any doubts that the passion to build and operate local news and commmunity sites in the Bay area had died down after running a panel with SFAppeal’s Eve Batey, Coastsider’s Barry Parr, Berkeley Planet’s Becky O’Malley and All Voices Amara Meen (and with Redwood Age’s Tom Murphy among the other local passionistas in the audience), my uncertainties would be dashed by the news that now former Valleywag Owen Thomas is going to helm the NBC News local web site, Bay Area Locals Only.

While there have been moment’s I hated Owen’s poking at mutual friends, the guy’s got a fresh eye that should bring some ‘tude and new insights to BALO.

As newspapers continue to struggle, the fresh energy rushing into the local space is heartening.