Heading to The Future of News and Civic Media Conference in Boston

I am heading out very early tomorrow to the Future of News and Civic Media Conference at MIT, hosted bn the Knight Foundation and MIT’s Knight Center for Civic Media.

Not only are all the brand new Knight News Challenge winners arriving for the conference, but Knight is bringing in past winners from alll over the world, winners of some of their local community foundation grants, and amazing friends of Knight.

 Even better, this year the sessions are going to be barcamp style, and participants have been very engaged proposing ideas and discussing topics.

Some of of the themes discussed as possible subjects include:

  • hyperlocal and community engagement: best practices and case studies
  • the post newspaper community
  • making news innovations relevant for the world’s poorest
  • all sorts of Mobile tracks
  • investigative journalism and digital storytelling
  • post-college experiences: recent grads and what it’s like out there

The spirit of the conference is of coming together to learn from one another, in this brief, intense time, and I know there is going to be so much to soak up, I am totally psyched.