Hunch: The joy of a point of view

I’m just at the beginning of playing with Hunch (and trying to understand how it serves me differently than Likeaholix, which I have pretty much abandoned), but I am already delighted by the distinctive–and very human–voice on the site and the ways community guidelines, member recognition.incentives and terms of service seem to have been thought out. (Of course, I think this is Caterina Fake’s influence, whether it is or not.) Viz:

“Trolls, griefers, spammers and scum beware. We loathe you if you:

  • Post profanity or anything pornographic or sexually
    explicit. If you can’t imagine it being on prime time TV, it doesn’t
    belong on Hunch. Nudity isn’t allowed in buddy icons or any images
    posted to Hunch.
  • Engage in personal attacks, or
    long-winded and tedious rants. If you want to bore someone, book a long
    distance flight and talk to your seatmate.
  • Promote
    or endorse graphic or gratuitous violence, illegal activity, or any
    action designed to inflect intentional harm on anyone.
  • Use
    hate speech — speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or
    ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or
    sexual orientation/gender identity.

It’s not that these would be MY guidelines, it’s that I am a big proponent of clearly stated gjuidelines.