Quote of the Day

“Many comments are complaining about comment moderation. This isn’t
about free speech. It’s about dozens of death threats and hundreds of
others saying pretty horrible things about one of of us. You may think
that your comment needs to get heard and that calling for someone to
die shouldn’t be taken seriously. But multiply that by hundreds and
maybe you’ll get a sense of this. I was rude. I made the problem worse
by saying things because I thought he was play-mad. and then i
apologized. i may be a lot of things but i don’t think i deserve to die
over this. please. stop. i can’t deal with the death threats after what
happened last year and then this year in europe. leo won. you guys won.
i surrender. just stop. please. stop.”

–Tech Crunch’s Mike Arrington to his readers, post the Leo LaPorte/Gillmor Gang dust up.

Susan sez: Do you have a comments policy and/or community guidelines?  If you’re of any size at all, you should

(And yes, I am writing one for Oakland Local)