Social media for multimedia journalists, Maynard, June 4-5

I just came back from 36 packed hours in Reno, NV at the University there. The J-school is hosting a sexi week Multimedia Editing Program run by The Maynard Institute,  Fourteen working journalists from around the country (yep, there are still people who work at newspapers) have converged on Reno to spend six weeks with Deborah Gump, Evelyn Hsu and a parade of guest teachers to sharp their skills in multimedia, Web 2.0 and online.

And of course, on day two, I was the batter on the plate, Miz Social Media whose job it was to teach the basics of blogging (the group are keeping blogs for six weeks chronicling what they learn), explaib the social media ecosystem, get them into Twitter (tho the Twitter expert is arriving tomorrow) and show them the glories of Facebook.

It was a blast.

Not only are these folks all smart, they’re a different set of ducks. As in, working as a reporter in a smaller town or city has all sorts of sensitive issues around who you friend and what groups you join, problems Silicon Valley social media types don’t need to ponder as deliberately.

And interestingly, more than a few of these students defined themselves as editors–media folks who job it was to assign, fix and smooth other people’s outputs. Watching an editor struggle to post a blog post without reading and tweaking it five times is interesting, but it doesn’t always make the editor happy.

What I loved most about teaching these folks was how quickly they jumped into putting it all out there. In less than 24 hours, they each started a blog, set up twitter and FB accounts, started posting to these accounts–and then started cross-posting–making that social media ecosystem I talked to them about start to be real.

I did a preso for them (see this one) and two handouts–one on twitter and one one tools–help yourself if you’re interested.
twitter tips for journos.pdf
6 09 build yr brand thru social media.pdf

Oh yea, and here’s the landing page for their group blog if you’d like to follow along..but the real paydirt is just to find a couple you like and follow along.