• Back to blogging

    I haven’t been writing here recently.  Twitter sucks up the micro-links I used to post, and FriendFeed and Facebook capture the numerous links I push around the interwebs. The blog feels best for longer and more thoughtful pieces, and while I typically have alot to say, I also have tons of deadlines and things to… Continue Reading

  • Research, reports on hyperlocal news, funding

    Poking around as I work on launching Oakland Local and wanted to share these links: University of Southern California Report: Growing Funders of the News (7/7/09)  A growing number of foundations are now supporting news-and-information nonprofits–but how much suppport is really out there? Check this report by David Westphal for some sobering data. Download the… Continue Reading

  • Two weeks on vacation–and what now? OakLoc

    Vacation was GREAT. Being offline in a house on a lake was superb, as as hiking, boating, swimming, cooking and writing the specs for Oakland Local. Yep, nothing like vacation for planning your next big adventure. I’m working this summer, along with a team of people, to launch Oakland Local, a news & community hub… Continue Reading

  • Just reposted handouts and white papers-with working links

    Just doing some site clean up and reposted links to these handout on the site: Social media for social change, We media paper–the brief on using social media for social change, commissioned for the We Media conference, Feb 2009, ifocos_wm_socialmedia.pdf Social Media for Social Causes, detailed case studies of Knight News Challenge, Women Who Tech… Continue Reading

  • TBD to close down, response almost non-existent

    TBD founder Robin Wolaner posted a note last week saying the 50-something, Boomer social network she founded, TBD, will close in mid July 2009 due to lack of funding after burningtbrough a $4MM series A round.  In a Mercury News interview, Wolaner suggests Facebook killed the site, but I question whether TBD would have gotten… Continue Reading

  • Confessional journalism: is it neurotic?

    My friend AV Flox steered me to a Guardian  UK  piece by Hadley Freeman on women and first person narrative as a form that brings out the worst in female writers. Short version: Freeman goes on at length about the awfulness of self-loathing female journos and the navel-grazing pieces they are paid to write about… Continue Reading

  • Rain, Books, Hiking, Michigan

    I slept 9 hours last night, 10 hours the night before, At home, I sleep 6, maybe 7.  It’s been raining here for 3-4 days, so we run out and do a walk or a hike in between downpours, sit on the porch and read books.  I have been writing the product specs for oakland… Continue Reading