Back to blogging

I haven’t been writing here recently.  Twitter sucks up the micro-links I used to post, and FriendFeed and Facebook capture the numerous links I push around the interwebs. The blog feels best for longer and more thoughtful pieces, and while I typically have alot to say, I also have tons of deadlines and things to do.  Ergo, less writing.

I’m deep into working on Oakland Local, the Oakland news & community hub launching this fall, and have been working with the tech team, the editorial and writing team we’re forming (ping me if you are an Oakland writer and would like to know more about writing for us, or if you are an Oakland blogger who should be on our blogroll).  It’s very satisfying, and fascinating–I am talking with great people and learning so much about what Oakland Local could accomplish in the city–it feels very worthwhile.

But it’s a start up. And I’m busy, So, I apologize for not posting here more–I will try to be more current and as we get closer to launch I will say more about Oakland Local.