California Watch announces team, great reporting on the state to follow

The Center for Investigative Reporting has just announced the core team for California Watch, the new state-wide investigative reporting project that is going to take a deeper look at money, stimulus, spending, and policy impacts across the state.  The reporting team is superb–Mark Katches is a firecracker and the group he’s assembled is full of fire–and Rosey and Louis are brilliant, so this is one with legs.

It’s tremendously rewarding to be working with this group–I’m helping with web strategy, product development, social media outreach and marketing, and community building–on a part-time basis/ This means I am part of two news and community start-ups; Oakland Local, a very focused Oakland site focusing on news for and by the people, and CIR, a statewide deep dive into complex data and stories. Both are models for replication elsewhere; both are focusing on what they are doing right now before thinking about anything else.