Do you have an effective personal brand online?

J school teacher (and wise woman) Mindy McAdams has a great blog post, meant for young journalists, on how to tell whether you have an effective personal brand on the web. This is advice I’d recommend to everyone, so I both urge you to go to her post, and am excerpting highlights here:

  • Someone who Googles your first and last name should be able to find out who you are
  • Samples of your best work should be linked to your home page or online (HTML) resume.
  • Your real work experience should be easy to find and easy to scan quickly.
  • People who might want to hire you need to be able to find your
    contact info EASILY. 
  • You need to be around, to be visible, to be seen — people should see your name in comments, retweets, etc.

If this is relevant, I urge you to read the whole post–and remember, this is all in the context of being authentic and giving value.

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    Thanks Susan for the great tips and advice. Quoting on Mindy blog about having an effective personal brand online is quite helpful. Well we all know that it’s too hard to find job nowadays, honestly, the unemployment rates are worsening as time goes by. I know very well that having effective personal brands online is one of a good tactics to survive at times of recession. Just like the brand of one robot named Spykee which really in demand to some toy stores because of its widely acclaimed advantages. Popularity and good reputation is I believe a good way to startup a good success in life.

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