@transparency camp, googleville, ca

Starting sessions at the Googleplex for transparency camp west. led by the sunlight foundation and hosted by Google. Ellen Miller, Chris DiBona, Clay Johnson kicking off intros. Clay says “why are we here? Intent is to create community on west coast for data transparency. Advice: be open to others, be community, and be useful. (Susan says: this is good advice).

So, what’s next? (Clay explaining the unconference process to the 15 people out of 60 who say they have never been to an unconference before.) Happy to see Dan Gillmor, Matt Lochskin, Beth Kanter, Esther Dyson, Myrna the Minx and Momocrat’s Cynthia among the crowd–introductions now starting…People asked to share name, affiliation and 3 words of interests….example: Chris DeBona, Google, “open source”…(modelling behavior).

Introductions all around just completed…sounds like a great group…now we know who we are and we move forward.