Labor Day weekend update: Tomatoes, Oakland Local, CW

Tomatoes! They are alive and rioting in my backyard! And yes, we’ve been eating them., along with the bok choy, the basil, the lettuce, carrots, radishes, aragula, swiss chard and so on I’ve grown this summer–boy, I feel proud.

Work has been intense, but rewarding–Oakland Local is turning into a real site, and we are gathering together an amazing team of people to work on it–we had an edit meeting yesterday, our first big one, and it was thrilling.  Back in the day, when Jarvis, Levitan & I started New Jersey Online, there was this sense of adventure, of great people doing focused, passionate work to create something new, not just for a paycheck.

That was what it felt like yesterday–that Oakland Local was attracting some exciting talent and we had the potential to create something new and interesting and useful. This feeling both gives me chills and makes me determined to deliver value and live up to the promise.