• Sexism Revisited: The future of white boy clubs

    What if I knew someone who had a workplace where there were no people of color? What if when asked about the lack of diversity, the person who ran that workplace said ” There aren’t any people of color who can do these jobs,” Or, they said, “People of color aren’t interested in this work.” … Continue Reading

  • Yet more setting the record straight

    It’s been great talking with media organizations in Oakland and learning more about what everyone sees as the issues. I am learning alot, and it is influencing how I partner with other groups,  But there’s also some mis-information  floating around, so I am going to step back and correct some of the things I have… Continue Reading

  • Can you gentrify the local web?

    In Oakland, we have an angry community member who is telling his peer group that Oakland Local is going to “gentrify the web”–i.e take traffic away from his site and the other grassroots sites that have existed for the past 4 years.  This person is an angry cyber-bully who talks about conspiracy theories, and Big… Continue Reading