• AOL Buys: Is Blogher next?

    Now that AOL and Tim Armstrong have bought HuffPo for a reported $351 million, does that mean they are going to go out and try to acquire BlogHer–say for $75-125 million–next? It sure would make sense to me, if I was Ariana Huffington or Tim Armstrong.  First of all, BlogHer fits Armstrong’s model of running… Continue Reading

  • AOL to buy HuffPo for $315 MM

    It made perfect sense that Tim Armstong’s AOL would purchase HuffPo for $315MM. HuffPo is so expensive to run, it had to have a buyer, and AOL is such a relentless chewer-up of talent and shredder of acquired companies that it had to have powerful new products to put ads on.  In other words, a… Continue Reading