• The wild joy of Block by Block 2011

    There are 100+ local online publishers in a room in Chicago today, sharing stories and strategies about how to make hyperlocal community media work.  Some of them are former journalists living on severance to start small local sites, others are media entrepreneurs running already profitable enterprises, and yet others are news non-profits and regional investigative… Continue Reading

  • ONA Awards 2011: Hyperlocal media need not apply?

    The Online News Association announced their 2011 winners this weekend, and while it’s an illustrious list, it’s also a very predicatble–and corporate–one. Why do I say that? No hyperlocal sites that don’t write in NYTimes style won anything-and only two hyperlocal sites won at all. What’s wrong with this picture? In a time when business… Continue Reading

  • At JAWS, Asheville, NC

    Having an interesting time in Asheville, NC with 120+ other female media-identified people talking media and the future of. I know it’s a beautiful area, but I haven’t made it out of the hotel yet (maybe this afternoon).  So far, I’ve been a very disparate variety of people, have some interesting chats, and presented a… Continue Reading