• Thinking Newsfoo: Occupied by Oakland

    Going to Newsfoo in Phoenix in a matter of days and thinking about doing a talk. Some of the options I’m considering (comments welcomed): Occupied by Occupy: The Occupy Oakland movement surrounded Oakland Local like a rush of hot lava. How did we manage our coverage to provide unique value in a media storm–and make… Continue Reading

  • Yeah, Danny Sullivan!

    Loving the rant that is all truth by Danny Sullivan: http://daggle.com/closed-unfriendly-world-wikipedia-2853What Sullivan doesn’t say, but Wikipedia folks themselves have admitted, is that the system is squewed to push out entries about women–the example Sullivan Rants about, about internet click fraud pioneer Jessie Stricchiola and her deleted Wikipeda entry, is straight on.

  • Remembering Chris Ma

    Very saddened to hear of the passing of Chris Ma  an inspiring colleague from my early days: http://wapo.st/skF99Q Just learned that Chris Ma died suddenly of a heart attack at 61. How sad!  I met Chris back in the day when doing web media wasn’t a commonplace career; he had an intelligence and sensitivity–and smarts–that… Continue Reading

  • Well worth the read on Oakland Local

    Great interview with Kwan Booth about Oakland Local: By lowering the barriers between the newsroom and the community, we always have them at the front and center of our work. We try to ask ourselves with all of the coverage: “How does this effect the community we’re covering? ” http://bit.ly/sCW9la