• Holiday breakfast 2011

    So tomorrow morning is the big Christmas breakfast. We like to cook, so we’re cooking.Menu: Home made three-fruit marmalade (bright and fresh) Home made lemon oxford cut marmalade (dark and more tart) Cranberry-Hazelnut quick bread Banana bread with pecans and dried cranberries Leek and bacon quiche Leek quiche with mushrooms (for those vegetarians) Citrus fruit… Continue Reading

  • Knowing when to let go

    Learning from failure and not giving up two early are traits that lead to success, in my experience.  The mistakes I made with my first start up lead to the resolve to not make those mistakes again, and to a very viral response to Oakland Local. Hanging in there has kept me at making Oakland… Continue Reading

  • What went viral in my life in 2011

    Okay, it’s that moment when the last breath of the year hurrumphs and lumbers forward before it’s time to change the dates on the checks (and everything else).  This is usually the moment when I start looking forward, but I am going to look back and ask “What tools and resources went viral for me… Continue Reading

  • What I learned at newsfoo #2011

    What happens when you put 150 talented, passionate people in a set of rooms for 2.5 days and help them connect?  If you’re the Google, O’Reilly, Knight Foundation team that planned the second newsfoo, you’re just part of the crowd, staying up late playing Werewolf and talking talking talking in-between product demos.  Part pajama party,… Continue Reading