• Spain: A Week in Barcelona

    we’ve been in barcelona for a week now..and we have two weeks more on our trip. Being with zach and Sara has been a good experience…I feel like I am not learning anything radically new about my grown son, but I am getting to know him–and the wonderful Sara– a whole lot better. A lot… Continue Reading

  • lnsomnia in Spain 4 am

    There was no coffee after 2 pm, and no chocolate or soda, so I really have no idea why I can’t sleep…but I can’t. If it was later in the morning, I’d go out for a walk, but it’s still night, really. Ironically, last night I slept 9 hours, a record for me-and then spent… Continue Reading

  • Barcelona..we are so here

    It’s 7 am on thursday morning and we’re in Barcelona. Day 1 of a trip first imagined in july. wow. the apartment we rented in guinardo seems great, and it was so fun to come in from the airport and go out for wine and tapas in el born, suitcase in tow. It’s early now… Continue Reading