• Flesh and Blood by Michael Cunningham–amazing book

    I just finished reading Flesh and Blood by Michael Cunningham.  And cry as I finished it. What an amazing book, filled with insights, tenderness, compassion, pain. And such good writing. Published in 1995, Flesh and Blood tells the story of a multi-generation family, knitted together by Constantine, the young man who becomes a father and… Continue Reading

  • Susan’s personal report card, part 1

    It’s not quite November, but my brain is already pushing toward the end of the year: Oakland Local’s holiday party and community voices awards (Dec 11, hold the date), fund-raising campaign, launch of two new projects: Oakland Police Beat , funded by Ethics and Excellence Foundation, and Live Work Oakland, in partnership with the Kapor… Continue Reading

  • Art of the Deal: Kick Ass Post on being an entrepreneur

    Patricia Handschiegel wrote a great post today about the emotional states entrepreneurs cycle through. Reading it, I saw myself working on People’s Software, and feel some of the same feelings working on the new thing we’re readying for 2009. Patricia’s identifies the following problem feelings as cycles entrepreneurs go through: 1. Feeling overwhelmed–that’s obvious, right?2.… Continue Reading

  • Dept of Susan: What the projects are

    Here’s where my attention is going these days, with different proportions of attention to each at different times: Co-founder, People’s Software.  We have a cool idea about a scheduling problem we want to solve and we’re working on getting our first app from alpha to beta, so we have enough features to get it out… Continue Reading

  • Quote of Day

    “So now we have a company with a woman CEO and a woman CTO and a woman COO. And the work we do? The work we do together? It’s only incidental that it’s software. Because what it is — what it really is — is applause. It is praise, for all these glorious women. Because… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day, 3

    “If I’ve learned anything from Spread Firefox, BarCamp, coworking and the like, it’s that propaganda needs to be free to be effective. In other words, you’re not going to convince people of your way of thinking if you lock down what you have, especially if what you have is culture, a mindset or some other… Continue Reading

  • David Brook’s nerd/geek essay rawks my world

    NYTimes columnist David Brooks keeps writing the coolest stuff. Here’s some snippets from the latest, on the ascendency of geek culture: “The jock can shine on the football field, but the geeks can display their supple sensibilities and well-modulated emotions on their Facebook pages, blogs, text messages and Twitter feeds. Now there are armies of… Continue Reading