• Quote of Day

    “But if we dare be more than pretty eyeballs driving the market, we must challenge the deep misogyny pulsing at the heart of the hypertext transfer protocol.” —Melissa Gira, Valleywag, writing about women, sexism and net businesses with true Swiftian sarcasm in a delicious post.

  • Quote of Day

    “The Tech Industry is what happens when really smart people get paid to have so much fun that they lose touch with reality.” — Sarah Dopp, blogger, tweeting away.

  • Congrats to Blogher and Queen of Spain for Obama interview

    Queen of Spain, aka Erin Vest, interviewed Barak Obama this weekend, and did an amazing job. Erin’s interview addressed policy questions developed by BlogHer members–congrats to all,this is very cool. As Lisa Stone says on her blog, Surfette, Obama is the first presidential candidate to a directly address BlogHer’s audience of nine million women each… Continue Reading

  • Happy birthday, Sarah

    My favorite poetry writing, gender bending, social cause supporting, product manager organizing, code writing, project planning, great going for a walk and talking friend Sarah Dopp turns 25 today. Happy birthday, Sarah! If you’ve never read her blog, start with this:“I’m 25 years old with 11 years experience building websites and reading poetry at microphones,… Continue Reading

  • More on Ayelet Noff interview: Miriam Schwab

    Well-know Israeli blogger  Miriam Schwab was among the myriad people who have had trouble getting authenticated to post comments on my blog (sorry), so I am posting this note for her re my interview with Ayelet Noth: “I’m sure Ayelet didn’t quite mean what it sounds like she said, but in any case I would… Continue Reading

  • Ayelet Noff interview: Comments and reflections

    I’ve gotten a number of informative emails from women bloggers and entrepreneurs in Israel who have point they want to make around the interview I did with Ayelet Noff last week. The red flag comment was–as I thought it  might be–was the following bit: “Are there many women who do what you do?No, not really. … Continue Reading

  • She’s Geeky: Video of my tribe (and you gotta see it!)

    Somehow, I managed to not actually see the [She’s Geeky ](http://shesgeeky.org)[videos](http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=shes+geeky&search_type=) from October 2007 until today–and they are powerful. If you care at all about women and tech, geeky women, dreaming in code, etc, play this video–it is great. Bonus link: I[nterview ](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy0QaNliwrI)with Miz Kaliya.