Much of my  writing has been related to my teaching, consulting and media/news/civic engagement interests. Projects I am proud of include:

Social Media and Tools for News, a self-directed course for The Poynter Institute

Creating your social media strategy, a webinar series for Poynter

A number of workshops posted on SlideShare, particularly those on working with Google Analytics

A series of workshops and presentations done with the Knight Digital Media Center:  http://www.knightdigitalmediacenter.org/speakers/name/susan_mernit/

Likes & Tweets, Social Media for News Sites, produced for J-Lab’s Knight Community News Network

Writing is at my core

I’ve always been a writer–professionally, in the early days–and then as an avocation, on the side. For several years,I blogged regularly at Susan Mernit’s Blog and am a contributing editing with weekly posts for BlogHer on Sex and Relationships. In an earlier life I wrote features for magazines and for the living section of the NYTimes.

Some  favorite pieces I wrote  for BlogHer, as a sex and relationships editor, before starting Oakland Local stole so much of my time:

I am also proud of this talk on blogging, sexual identity and privacy Viviane and I did at Arse Electronika: Avoiding the Emily Gould Effect: Blogging, transparency & oversharing.

I was once a dedicated poet, and after not writing for many years, started writing again.You can see some of the old poems and an essay online. Still hoarding the new poems.

Selected Poetry

What it feels like to write poetry again — http://www.blogher.com/what-it-feels-writing-poetry-again-after-15-years

THE OLD DAYS: 2008-20909 pieces

  • Social media for social change, We media paper–the brief on using social
    media for social change, commissioned for the We Media conference, Feb



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