Broadband–cool news from Europe
Up until 5 minutes ago, when Reuters and ABC News launched new broadband news products, and Yahoo launched the Platinum service, there hasn’t been much interesting new broadband product from U.S. companies that I have seen. Much of the interesting activity is in Europe, where there are 10 million broadband users, many of whom bypassed dial when they first got online.
A just-released Yankee Group study reports that the broadband market in Europe will expand by 68 percent every year for the next five years and be worth 17.8 billion euro ($19.02 billion) by 2006. Another study released by custom consulting firm Datamonitor predicts that a total of 41million households in Europe will be connected with high-speed Internet services by 2006.

MTV UK launches Peep
Meanwhile, MTV UK has just begun transmitting an new interactive broadband service, called ‘MTV Peep’ that allows users to choose from news broadcats, clips from prime time shows, racy late-night clips, and alternative or rare content that the network says is ‘innovative, funny stupid and just plain weird.’
(Source: Broadband Bananas News)
When is some of this goodness going to hit in the U.S.? Hurry up, broadband folk, where’s the good stuff?
Interactive Chat w/Pix launches in Spain
Broadband Bananas also reports that Barcelona, Spain based agency Random One, a provider of mobile and cross-media marketing solutions has launched FOTOCHAT, a solution which enables users to chat via SMS and to view their messages broadcast on TV together with a photo of the message author. The photo can be sent either via MMS or the web.
This is exactly the kind of interactive broadband application the U.S. needs to develop–is anyone out there making this kind of product?</i>