Eating Abroad: Japanese Hungry for New Theme Park Concept
Big Blue Dot , a kids trend watch and consulting company, reports that indoor
“food theme parks” are popular in Japan. The first, Shinyokoham Raumen Museum, opened in 1994 and allows visitors to sample many varieties of Ramen noodles all in one location. Since then the Yokohama Curry Museum has opened (2002), followed by The Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium in Tokyo featuring gyoza–dumplings–stuffed with minced pork and vegetables, and The Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho in Osaka, which has a1960s-era Osaka retro food court feel.
Given that the Japanese economy is in the toilet, it’s no surprise folks are comforting their sorrows with food.
It’s fun to imagine what the U.S.regional versions of these food museums might be:
–San Jose, CA, The Pho Palace, featuring 30 kinds of beef and pork entrails and organs
–New York, NY, Moe’s Knish and Calzone Deli Museum, featuring items ripped off from Nathan’s, Ray’s Famous Pizza and the Stage Deli
–Los Angeles, CA, The Healthy Living Salad Strip Cafe, featuring assorted sushi rolls and ten different kinds of frozen Jello-shots.
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